Understanding Low Back Pain Webinar Series

This series of webinars are a fantastic way to deepen and enhance your knowledge of the management of low back pain, without the need to travel. Each webinar will focus on different aspects of low back pain, from the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine to the disease processes and psychological factors which influence a client’s ability to exercise.

The webinars can be purchased alone or form a foundation for the Pilates for Back Health workshop.

The webinars are pre-recorded with the opportunity to discuss with the tutor any questions or queries. Each webinar is accompanied by a workbook.

The webinars are split into three parts:

Part 1: What is Low Back Pain?

This webinar explains the definition and prevalence of low back pain. We will discuss how low back pain is divided into acute and chronic. Specific spinal pathologies such as arthritis , nerve root pain and non-specific low back pain will be fully explored and explained. 

Part 2: The Functional Anatomy of the Spine

This second webinar will explain the functional anatomy of the spine. It includes an in-depth look at vertebrae, joints, nerves, intervertebral disc, ligaments, muscles, fascia and the nervous system.

Part 3: How to Restore and Maintain a Healthy Spine

The final webinar explores the differing theories of stability and spinal health. It addresses how best to help clients manage their low back pain and to restore and maintain a healthy spinal through specific movement goals.

Cost: £75 inc VAT

For more details or to register please contact info@jpilates.co.uk or telephone 07812076919