The Forgotten Treasures

This workshop explores two of the Forgotten Treasures of Pilates.

Image by Chuck Rapport

Image by Chuck Rapport

The Wall Series: As a student at Joe Pilates Studio you would almost certainly have been given the Wall Series as part of your homework or in-between-studio-sessions practice. The Wall Series is fantastic for alignment, elongation and helping to correct today’s postural issues. We will explore the intentions of this Series and various levels.

The Archival Mat: Inspired by original footage of Joe teaching owned by The Pilates Centre, Boulder, we will explore how the Mat repertoire, when stripped of the later influences of dance, can really emphasise strength and power rather than a reliance on flexibility. We will further explore how to modify these original exercises to allow all levels of client to achieve this fantastically strong and empowering version of the Mat work.

Date: 2nd February 2019

Time: 10.00-17.00

Venue: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Cost: £140 (inc VAT)

To register and for more information please contact or phone 07812076919