The Art Of Cueing

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This workshop is THE game changer!

Do you have a “Pilates script” where you always say the same thing, use the same visualisations and teaching cues? Do you feel you are repeating the same thing over and over, wondering if your clients are still listening to what you are saying?

Using the latest research, this workshop explores a variety of ways of cueing, giving you different and new strategies to use with your clients to find better and improved technique and movement. It will update your knowledge of movement science whilst refreshing and invigorating your teaching cues, visualisations and correction skills.

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Date: 21st November 2020

Time: 10:00-17:00

Venue: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Cost: £150 (inc VAT)

To register and for more information please contact or telephone 07812076919