Spin It On Its Head


We all know that the exercises our clients hate are the ones they should and need to do more of. Often it is because the exercise in question highlights the perceived or real restriction in their movement. This often then leads them to tense or avoid the exercsise. So how do we create alternatives that will “trick” our clients into loving these exercises? 

This workshop promises to spin on its head many of the exercises, drawing on the full Pilates Method and thinking outside the box to give you so many variations and adaptations whilst keeping the true intentions of the exercises. Your clients will feel the love afterwards we promise!

Date: 7th March 2020

Venue: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Time: 10.00-17.00

Cost: £150 (incl VAT)

To register and for more information please contact info@jpilates.co.uk or telephone 07812076919