Reformer Collections

The Reformer is one of the most recognisable pieces of equipment from the Pilates collection, and holds an excellent reputation for producing results.

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One of the many advantages is the fact the Reformer is raised above ground level, therefore providing the instructor with an excellent vantage point to observe and correct align-ment/technique. Consisting of a series of springs, straps, pulleys and a gliding platform, the machine offers a versatile, impact free workout that enables the client to perform resistance exercises whilst lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing.  

Essential Reformer is a two day course which explores the fundamental movements of the Reformer repertoire, exploring and analysing exercises which enhance the guiding principles of the Pilates technique and alignment. You will build on existing knowledge of the matwork repertoire and understand how to deliver both group and individual session on the Reformer.

Dates: 2-3rd June 2018 (Fully Booked)

Venue: Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost: £500 (incl VAT)

Dates: 11-12th August 2018 (Limited spaces available)

Venue: Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost: £500 (incl VAT)

Progressive Reformer is a two day course which completes the Reformer repertoire whilst further developing knowledge gained from Essential Reformer. This will enable you to deliver the more advanced movements to challenge clients further and develop a greater range of levels and modifications. 

Dates: 16-17th June 2018

Venue:Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost £500 (incl VAT)

To register and for more information please contact or telephone 07812076919