JPilates Convention 2016

The Past. The Present. The Future.

Saturday 25th June 2016

Sunday 26th June 2016




Eva Rincke- Historian, Biographer and Author of Joseph Pilates. Der Mann, dessen Name Programm wurde

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After my son was born I started taking Pilates mat classes and when our trainer told us some wild stories about the life of Joseph Pilates I was hooked. I wanted to learn more about his life and when I didn't find a biography I decided to write one myself. I started doing research in 2013. For details about his early years, I pored through registration cards, marriage and death certificates in the city archive of Mönchengladbach, Joe’s hometown, for information about the Pilates family. In September 2015 my book Joseph Pilates. Der Mann, dessen Name Programm wurde was published in Germany by Herder. 

On my blog I'm writing about my research and details about the life of Joseph Pilates in English and German.


Joanne Cobbe- Founder and Principal Tutor for JPilates

JPilates was set up by one of the Pilates industry's leading educators Joanne Cobbe.

"Teaching Pilates is incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring. When a client tells you that they no longer suffer after living with constant back pain, or when a client leaves your sessions with a greater sense of well-being, motivation and positivity or where you observe that your classes provide essential social interaction for an elderly or post-natal participant, you know you have the best job in the world!"

Joanne has both worked and taught in the fitness industry for over 17 years and was the Principal Tutor with the Pilates Institute. She works as a consultant for other fitness and Pilates training companies and presents annually for the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and around the world. 

Joanne has owned Pilates studios in the UK and Ireland, working closely with physiotherapists and GPs.

Joanne passionately believes in striking a balance between honouring the original repertoire and teaching a creative and evolved approach.

Mark Leyland MCSP FAFS - Physiotherapist & JPilates Tutor

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Mark is a Sports Physiotherapist and Nike Golf Performance Specialist at Momentum Physio. He also works as a physiotherapist at Chelsea FC and is an established Lecturer.

Mark has worked in the fitness/rehabilitation industry for over 10 years. Mark runs his own physiotherapy clinic in Surrey and works with many professional athletes. A graduate of the Gray Institute in the USA, Mark utilises a functional approach to his Physio work and teaching.



Kate Loeffen- JPilates Tutor

Kate has over 20 years teaching experience.  Originally trained as a dancer, then as a teacher, she has both performed and taught throughout London.  Kate retrained as a Pilates instructor in 2003, a natural progression from dance, and has enjoyed combining her extensive understanding of the moving body with the discipline and technique of Pilates.  Kate now runs a small Pilates studio in North London, enjoying an ever increasing client base and delivers residential and day retreats throughout the year.