Instructor of the Month

Introducing Lucy Potucek, owner of Lucy P. Pilates

“I create optimum workouts for the time starved, using the finest ingredients from gymnastics, parkour, ice skating, ballet with a pilates gluten free base!”

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My inspiration and style comes from a love of Parkour, Pilates, Krav Maga, Bouldering and childhood influences of competitive disciplines (gymnastics, ice skating, skiing, trampolining and ballet). I love functional movement and using your own body weight to keep you strong, healthy and ready for your everyday challenge.

A taster at the local gym had me hooked... then I became increasingly unwell with undiagnosed coeliac disease.  As my body weakened, my regular routine of parkour, weights, climbing, running had to be put frustratingly on hold. Pilates literally saved my sanity.  I carried out as my daily morning JP routine, as a meditation to focus on positives. Upon diagnosis and road to recovery, coupled with Pilates, I found my transversal to the gym surprisingly unpainful.  Intact, I was stronger than ever. Wahoo!!! I mean HOW!?! 

With that in mind, I took the matwork course to learn how I could become better at my own Pilates practise. At the same time,  I decided to look into Pilates as a skill whilst potentially moving abroad (still a dream) I felt so amazing, alive and grateful that I decided to share my (limited) knowledge at the time, with others.  As I practised on friends, they asked me for sessions at their office. I obliged and never looked back from 2011.

In 2017, I found Jo.  And believe me when I say, I couldn’t have found a more stellar Master Trainer.   I am now carrying on with all the qualifications with JPilates and spreading the word.   Thank you for believing.

Q&A Session:

How would you describe your style of teaching?

I love a hard flow, that focuses on the same body part for 2-3 moves.  Tough with thought, feeling and enjoyment


Is there a piece of apparatus that you like the most and why?

Spine corrector: portable, versatile, effective and unique.  Everyone feels like a rockstar afterwards.  You can play with this piece make it your own 

 What is your client base like?

A lovely mix, with the same principles: freedom of movement, enjoyment and they all want to be there.

 Do you prefer 121 or group? Why?


I love both.  Groups can be more challenging to correct but the buzz from one another spurs each other.  1-2-1’s you can correct at a deeper level giving a different satisfaction to the client.

 What is your most favourite move and why?

The Roll Up: you can’t cheat coupled with the lovely spine & hamstring release.  You can introduce more complexity to this or tone it right down.

What is your least favourite?

Leg pull ... I find it the most difficult !!!

 What do you find most challenging about your work and how do you overcome this?

Pupils who don’t give any energy back... not even a face change. I keep them moving, thinking, feeling and try not to over think it... they could be listening intently 

 What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pilates instructor?

Seeing the change in clients ability’s, their energy levels and aura.  When a client smiles and leaves happy (and exhausted) you know you have helped them

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Teaching seasonally on a beach and at a clinic, written a paper and with a myriad of qualifications under my belt. All whilst carrying out the leg pull on the beach...

 If you could give one piece of advice to a new instructor what would it be?

Practise, teach, practise, teach, practise some more and never think you know it all

You can connect to Lucy on Instagram @lucyppilates or visit her website