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Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's theme has been Posture and the fantastic resources and downloads include


Instructor Only Classes

JPilates Barre

If you are looking for more Barre choreography, want to add some standing work to your Pilates classes or just fancy a good workout then this month's Instructor Only Class is one for you!

Reformer-less Reformer

Reformer Exercises on the Mat- this month's class will use the bands to replicate Reformer exercises so you can introduce them to your Mat classes.

Barrel-less Barrels

Following on from the Reformer-less Reformer, this class will explore the Barrel repertoire using a mini ball.

Class Plan and Audio- Dynamic, Intermediate Reformer & Audio

Virtual Night Out Recording: Does Fascia matter in Pilates?

Fascia is fascinating but does it really matter in Pilates? Can we really change fascia though manual therapy using balls, rollers and so on? Watch back as we explore the scientific research surrounding fascia.

Exercise of the Month- The Double Leg Stretch

The Double Leg Stretch is a wonderful exercise to focus on breath and co-ordination of the limbs against a stable C curve. As the exercise develops, try to hold the breath longer, creating more space in a long spine. This powerful exercise develops and extends the freedom of movement at the hip joint and shoulder girdle

Short Video- Breath Focus

This short routine cues gentle, mobilising exercises through breath to enhance the relaxation response to help with difficulty sleeping and/or chronic pain.

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