JPilates Associates Latest Resources and Downloads

Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's fantastic resources and downloads include


Instructor Only Classes

Small Equipment Circuit with gorgeous Hip Release Intervals- This class uses the band, weighted balls, mini balls, rollers and circles to challenge and intensify your Mat exercises. After each station we “enjoy” some fabulous hip releases before moving onto the next.

Mat Flow- Ahhh! My favourite style of class! Beautiful transitions and smooth choreography to give you a seamless session! It’s tough though!

Class Plans

The Main Phase Bundle- This month I have a treat for you! After working with the latest Mat group to create various themed main phases, I thought I would share the with you all. They include plans for Hip Extension, Spinal Shapes and Upper Body Strength, as well as plans for successful Teasers, Saw and Crab. There are audio explanations for all the plans. Simply add on a prep and closing and you have 6 new and inspiring classes! 

Virtual Night Out Recording- The Hips! Watch back to our chat on all things hips! We delve into the anatomy of the hip and look more closely at the hip glide and how it can impact on our Pilates exercises.

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