JPilates Associates Latest Resources and Downloads

Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's theme has been Posture and the fantastic resources and downloads include


Instructor Only Class: The 34 Preps

The Mat Repertoire is not just a collection of 34 exercises but a beautifully sequenced movement journey. Due to various restrictions, some clients do not experience the full trip. This class takes you on prep variations of the exercise and transitions so any ability can enjoy the mat journey. 

Class Plan and Audio- The Essential Order of Reformer

This hour long class is the orginal order of Reformer at Essential Level with modified transitions.

Virtual Night Out Recording: The Shoulders

Watch back as we go in-depth with the muscles and bones of the shoulder girdle and how it is designed to move during basic movements and Pilates exercises.

Exercise of the Month- Shoulder Preps

Following on from The Shoulder VNO, here are some exercises to help clients move the shoulders more effectively.

Short Videos- Mat Playtime

Come and play with the first exercises of the Mat repertoire.

The Cue Bank

From Neck Pull to Spine Twist, more cues to add to your tool box!

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