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Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's fantastic resources and downloads include


Instructor Only Classes

The Advanced Mat- Break Them Down & Build Them Up!- Let’s explore how to smoothly break down and build up the Advanced Mat exercises so they are accessible to any level of ability in your class

Studio Equipment-Find your C-Curve- Playing in a fully equipped studio we will look to deepen and develop your C Curve to its max!

Studio Equipment- Let’s Go to the Circus!- This one will make you feel EPIC! Come fly, hang and play with us on the Reformer, Cadillac & Ladder Barrel!

Class Plans

The Preps & Audios- The start of the class is an amazing opportunity to prep the movements and techniques you want to cover and develop. These plans give you a variety of non-Pilates exercises to really enhance the rest of your session with a range of different positions.

Virtual Night Out Recording

Sticks and stones may break my bones and words will hurt me!- Here we will look at how words CAN hurt you! We will discuss how our language has a huge effect on our clients and their movement and how we can use more fearless language to help empower and positively change our client’s perception.

The Homework Club- Two new releases for the hips and shoulders

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