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Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's theme has been Posture and the fantastic resources and downloads include


The Homework Club- New this month!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, the, is not an act, but a habit" William Durant

We all know that to achieve the most benefit and to progress and improve, our clients need to try and do something each day or at least more than just one class a week. Here are short videos and audios that you can either share directly to your clients or take ideas from to create your own. This month’s homework include a C-Curve prep, a wrist strengthening exercise and a functional kneeling to standing sequence to pass onto your clients.

Instructor Only Classes- Go Big to Be Epic!

Inspired by a fantastic Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy called "Your body language may shape who you are", this Pilates class explores how making big shapes in the exercises can infuse and enhance a sense of EPICNESS in our clients.

Exercise of the Month- Tips for The Roll Up

The Roll Up builds the foundation for so many of our Pilates exercises and here are some tips on how to teach and develop essential sequential spinal articulation.

Virtual Night Out Recording- Pilates & Osteoporosis

Listen back to this webinar as we discuss the differences between osteopenia and osteoporosis and how we can help to enhance bone health in our Pilates classes. Plus we answer the burning question- should we teach loaded forward flexion?

Short Video- Foam Roller Fix

We’re getting excited about the Small Equipment training in November so here’s a 10 min foam roller sequence to get you rolling!

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