JPilates Associates Latest Resources and Downloads

Each month new downloads, articles, videos and events will be available to JPilates Associates. This month's fantastic resources and downloads include


Instructor Class Download

Mini Ball Magic!

Add some magic to your Mat classes with new variations and adaptations using the mini ball.

Daily Fix Extra- The Summer Sparkle Series (Apologies for the name!) 

This is a short series of 10 mins classes to either give to your clients as their summer homework or as a gift when they sign up for your September block. Feel free to either share directly or do use the ideas to create your own.

Exercise of the Month- The Can-can

This move is often used as the pre-requisite for Hip Twist but is also a fantastic move to teach rotational control of the lower body with stability through the upper body.

Case Study- The Sacroiliac Joints

This month’s Virtual Night Out discussed the anatomy of the SI joints and the various dysfunctions which can be found.

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