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Ballet Inspired-Pilates Focused

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Barre classes are hugely popular and are an incredible compliment to your Pilates sessions. This workshop will give you all the knowledge and tools to create a balanced Barre work out, ensuring correct technique and alignment with a high energy and intensity level which your clients will love. Inspired by ballet barre exercises and infused with the strength, flexibility and mobility of Pilates you will learn to teach a safe and effective class.

During the workshop you will explore masterclasses and set routines which you can immediately teach. Further downloads will be regularly available to keep you inspired and motivated, bringing variety and fresh ideas to your Barre classes.

Date: 5th May 2018

Venue: London School of Capoeira, N4 3RF

Cost: £140 (incl VAT)

Once you have certified, new class downloads and DVDs are available for £15.00 

Available now to purchase are:

Barre Jetés!- A fun and challenging routine that will definitely get you jumping with a Leg Pull sequence not be missed!

Barre & The Circle-This routine uses the Circle to really target the inner thighs and encourage correct alignment.

Barre & Hip Mobility -This session taken from the JPilates Convention 2016, will definitely enhance hip mobility and flexibility with some fantastic new variations.

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