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Instructor Only Classes

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As a Pilates instructor it can be hard to find time for your own personal practice. These classes are designed to challenge your ability whilst giving fresh ideas and new adaptations. Contact us to request your downloads even if you did not attend. Also if you would rather receive the classes as DVDs, please request. Remember to also let us know if you have any requests!

The Mat & Beyond!

It's hard to improve perfection but this month's class will try and add a little extra magic to the 34 Mat Repertoire. Come & play!!!

Pilates For Men

There is no denying it- teaching men is different form teaching women! This class will focus on the different cues, adaptations and exercises to really key into teaching men!

Studio Equipment- Find your C-Curve

Playing in a fully equipped studio we will look to deepen and develop your C Curve to its max!

Studio Equipment-Let’s Go to the Circus!

This one will make you feel EPIC! Come fly, hang and play with us on the Reformer, Cadillac & Ladder Barrel!

The Advanced Mat- Break Them Down & Build Them Up!

Let’s explore how to smoothly break down and build up the Advanced Mat exercises so they are accessible to any level of ability in your class

Small Equipment Circuit with Hip Release Intervals

This class uses the band, weighted balls, mini balls, rollers and circles to challenge and intensify your Mat exercises. After each station we “enjoy” some fabulous hip releases before moving onto the next.

Mat Flow

Ahhh! My favourite style of class! Beautiful transitions and smooth choreography to give you a seamless session! It’s tough though!

Go Big to Be Epic!

Inspired by a fantastic Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy called "Your body language may shape who you are", this Pilates class explores how making big shapes in the exercises can infuse and enhance a sense of EPICNESS in our clients.

The Door Anchor

This class was part of the Convention Goodie Bag and is just too good not to share with you all! The Door Anchor provides the perfect piece of equipment to replicate many of the Reformer and Cadillac exercises on a 121 basis.

JPilates Barre

If you are looking for more Barre choreography, want to add some standing work to your Pilates classes or just fancy a good workout then this month's Instructor Only Class is one for you!

The Reformer-less Reformer

Reformer Exercises on the Mat- this month's class will use the bands to replicate Reformer exercises so you can introduce them to your Mat classes.

The Barrel-less Barrel

Following on from the Reformer-less Reformer, this class will explore the Barrel repertoire using a mini ball.

The 34 Preps

The Mat Repertoire is not just a collection of 34 exercises but a beautifully sequenced movement journey. Due to various restrictions, some clients do not experience the full trip. This class takes you on prep versions of the exercises and transitions so any ability can enjoy the mat journey!

Pilates Flow

This class is from our Xmas party and as a gift from us is available to all levels of Associate so make sure you request yours. It is a beautifully choreographed class set to music to ensure flow and fluidity

The Foot Foundation

It all starts here! This is our first Studio Equipment Clinic and we explored the importance of foot alignment, strength and mobility on the various pieces of apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair.

The Neck

The neck is not only frequently misaligned but also misused. Often a source of discomfort and pain, this class will explore how to mobilise, align and strengthen this segment of the spine. 

Treat Your Thoracic Spine

This class emphasises the mobility, strength and flexibility of the thoracic spine to really twist, bend and extend this potentially locked area of the spine.

Audio Reformer Class- Intermediate level

This audio recorded class means that you can enjoy this class without having to turn and watch a screen. It challenges you to focus on audio cues only to deepen your self awareness and enjoy this great Reformer workout!

Mini Ball Magic!

This class adds Matwork magic and brings new variations and adaptations to your Mat class using the mini ball!


Following on from questions on the JPilates Facebook forum, this class focuses on how we cue our “centre” without using terms such as abdominals, and of course core! It really emphasis how we need to use the back line of the body to support forward flexion and help create that wonderful feeling of space and deep strength through the body.

Reformer- Technique

This Reformer class focuses on technique. It seeks to deepen the client’s understanding of how every Pilates move is multi-layered, a move within a move. Single arm exercises are less about arm and shoulder strength and more about how the body stabilises against asymmetrical movement. Go deeper into your movement!


Flow is one of the guiding principles of the Pilates Method and this class really emphasises this in its transitions, linking and repeating intervals plus several new adaptations. 

JPilates Barre- with the mini loops

This month’s class was a JPilates Barre class using the mini loops to really focus on the hip. Ouch!

Weighted Balls

I absolutely love these pieces of small equipment as they seem to fit perfectly in the hand but can really help with wrist alignment. They can be used to assist the exercise or be tools of mild torture and you deepen your connection! I especially love the one leg circle version and the side twist teaser!

Reformer & the Circle

This Reformer class uses the Circle to really enhance connection through the whole body, especially the inner thighs! The Circle helps to bring awareness to upper body alignment and abdominal connection.

Mat-Pure & Simple

This class celebrates the magic of a pure Mat class focusing on cueing and technique.

Matwork Repertoire Audio

By request, I have audio recorded the full Mat repertoire for you to simply press play and come along for the ride.

Foam Roller

Challenge your spinal articulation and stability with this foam roller class. With creative ways of using the roller to add further intensity to moves such as ab prep and the stomach series, this class is fun and intense! Enjoy!

Upper Body Focus

This class focuses not only strengthening and mobilise the upper body but explores how to use the upper limbs to access the thoracic spine and how emphasising the arm connection can really change the challenge and support during the moves

Hip Extension

The trickiest of all joint movement! This class focuses on creating movements to de-emphasise and soften the pesky hip flexors and mobilise the hip joints to take you to the elusive Extensor Heaven!!!

Spinal Articulation

By request, this class is designed to really develop and enhance your spinal mobility in order to allow a sense of fluidity and ease when performing the Pilates repertoire. I was delighted by all the comments the next day of how great your spines were feeling!

Mixed Level Reformer

This is a recording of a regular class I teach at Akasha Wellness. It is a mixed level Reformer where the clients have been attending the class for about 12 months.

Small Equipment Circuit Class

What a fun but incredibly challenging class! Each station focuses on challenging strength and mobility with Leg Pull Prone intervals in between. There are also some new ideas for prep and closing phases.

Technique Focus

In this class, there are tips and tricks to ensure you and your clients reach your full Pilates potential- look out for the Teaser where the magic really happens!

Bring on the Band!

The most well known and loved pieces of Pilates equipment! This session promises to give you many new variations and creative ways of using the band to add spice and rejuvenate your Mat Repertoire.

Unbend-Keep Your Back in Balance

So many of our clients struggle to correctly extend, to get the whole spine to actively and equally participate in extension exercises. This session provides many adaptations to add extension to the moves, giving opportunities to stretch and lengthen through the front of the body and practise sequential and segmental spinal extension

Reformer- Pure Mobility

One of the largest barriers to achieving fluidity and flow in Pilates movements is a lack of mobility. This session using the Reformer will give you ideas on how to get the shoulders, hips and spine moving with unrestricted freedom so clients can fully reap the benefits of the Method.

The Magic Circle

One of my favourite pieces of original equipment! This class uses the circle to create closed chain exercises to especially benefit the hyper-mobile client.

Just Breathe!

Seen as THE most fundamental principle in Pilates classes, but also the most discussed technique, Breath can be an obstacle to overcome rather than an incredible tool to aid movement flow and fluidity. This class cues only through breath and attempts to simplify this powerful inherent part of our teaching. 


In anticipation of the Pilates Flow workshop, this month's class highlighted the importance of transitions in order to enhance and promote that essential principle of Pilates, Flow. 

Archival 34 Mat

This month's Instructor Only Class was electric! Almost 40 of you joined us for the Archival 34 Mat. Due to the nature of the class we did not film it so instead I have recorded the 34 Mat Prep Phase for you to use.

Music & Pilates

We were blown away by the fantastic feedback you all gave us after this class! The class takes you through a series of Pilates exercises sequenced to seamlessly flow and challenge the whole body set to fantatsic upbeat tracks from Music For Pilates

The Band

This month's class is full of new variations using the band to spice up your classes including the Reverse Monkey and Leg Press

Pure Mobility

Following it's success at the Convention, I have filmed the Pure Mobility session for you. Enjoy!