Instructor of the Month

Introducing Michelle Ormrod of Michelle Ormrod Pilates


About Michelle:

Michelle trained at the Pilates Institute of London and worked for over twenty years as a Registered General Nurse and Health Visitor in the NHS and in the health service of New Zealand.

She has worked with a very broad range of people of varying physical ability from elite athletes to those suffering chronic disabling health conditions and with a variety of organisations including work with charities such as MIND, community leisure centres, private gyms and sports groups.

She also works regularly with pre & post natal clients and can accept exercise referrals directly from GPs.

Q & A Session:

How would you describe your style of teaching?

I like to have flow and a sense of progression and achievement in my classes. Each term or half term has a particular focus or goal. For example, one term was spent working through the 34 matwork moves (well, all except control balance!). The end of ‘term’ party was to complete the 34 moves (with an array of modifications thrown in for good measure) as a flowing sequence! Something I must add which was inspired by a JPilates workshop. There were lots of laughs along the way especially at some of my shortcomings!

What is your client base like?

My clients span the mid-20 to mid-80 age spectrum! The majority of my time is spent on classes located in a range village halls in and around County Durham – I love the variety and challenge that a class environment offers as each class is different. I have had the privilege along my Pilates Instructor journey to work with some great people on a one-to-one basis –from a boxer to a wonderful lady in her late 80’s with a knee and hip replacement to a couple with a pre-school family - it’s fabulous to be able to really focus on specific needs and technique.

After your Level 3 training what other training have you done?

Just a few short months after I finished Matwork in summer 2010 I did the Wright Foundation GP Exercise Referral Course. Then in Spring 2011 I completed the Pre & Post Natal Course- Designing and Implementing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes with Education in Motion. By the end of 2011 I was ready for more, then the JPilates series of workshops popped up:Pilates the Next Step, Pilates Circuits, Studio in a Bag, Pilates Anatomy, Warm Ups and Cool Downs.

The workshops were fabulous for ideas, networking, peer support and making you think out the box with your planning and practice.

What are you planning for 2013?

As part of the Workshop journey I discovered Matwork was never going to be enough and really it was only scratching the surface of Pilates, so this Autumn I started my equipment training with The Barrel Collection at JPilates to be completed summer 2013. So, for me personally and as a Pilates Instructor I aim to complete my equipment training with JPilates and devote more time to my own practice on the equipment.

For my clients I hope to personalise their Pilates experience in my classes in Spring Term 2013 by introducing a ‘My Move’ section to the class, ground work is underway!

I have such a fabulous and loyal client base now that I hope to continue challenging them into 2013 and for Michelle Ormrod Pilates 2013 hopes to bring the establishment of Pre & Post natal classes as well as exploring the local area and properties for a more permanent space to work.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pilates Instructor?

I love to work with people, being a former Nurse and Health Visitor it’s not always about the business, I feel passionate about the health and lifestyle benefits Pilates has to offer people. I love the fact that you can diversify in so many directions which adds interest and challenge. It’s the passing comments you get from clients about the positive impact Pilates has had on their physical well being as well as those moments in class when you can REALLY see those benefits or that delightful moment in class when they achieve their goal.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new instructor what would it be?

Go out, embrace your classes, enjoy and challenge your clients but don’t forget to make time to do the thing that you love to do yourself - PILATES!

For further information about Michelle, please visit: Michelle Omrod Pilates