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Important Forms

All of these forms are available as word documents for you to amend if you wish. Please contact for copies.

Updated Health Questionnaires (Par-qs)

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Updated versions of the Health Questionnaires (Par-qs) for the general population, pre natal, post natal and breast cancer patients are below. These are GDPR compliant and include an Assumption of Risk. I would ask each client to complete the general Health Questionnaire and then dependent on need, complete a specialist one.

General Health Questionnaire

Pre & Post Natal Health Questionnaire

Breast Cancer Survivor Health Questionnaire


Assumption of Risk

Following on from a call I had with my insurance company (Fitpro) here is an Assumption of Risk form which can be used as a last resort if your client has been given verbal consent from their GP to participate in your classes but  they will not give written consent due to legal reasons or they charge for it. 

Please note that this is specific to Fitpro insurance policy and please check with your insurer if you are in any doubt as they may have a different requirement. It is always preferable that you have written consent.

Assumption of Risk

Template Letter to Physios/Osteos etc.

As part of building our Pilates business it is important to create links with the other medical professionals in your area. Here is a template letter of introduction for you to use and adapt to suit your business. 

Template Letter to Physios/Osteos etc

Note to an Injured Client

At some point in your teaching career a client may injure themselves in your class. This can be an awful experience as you question what you did and the best way to handle the situation. Here is a template of a note you may email or write in a card to them.

Note to Injured Client

Pre Natal Health Checklist

Many of us work in health clubs and leaisure centres where we do not see the parq-s or medical questionnaies and where anybody can attend a class. This means that our verbal screening needs to be perfect to highlight any issues. Sometimes though a client can walk in who needs a little more medical clearance before starting the class and pregnant clients definitely ned to answer some specific questions to ensure they are fit and healthy prior to joining the class. Here is a Pre Natal Health Checklist for you to give to them to ensure they are able to join the class and that you are covered by your insurance broker.

Pre Natal Health Checklist

The Curriculum Vitae

Probably the first CV was wriiten by Leonardo Da Vinci over 500 years ago and although many things have changed a well presented CV is essential. An example of a CV specific to a newly qualified Pilates instructor is below for you to download.

CV for Pilates

Screening Documents

Before beginning a Pilates programme a client should undergo a thorough screening process to identify medical conditions or risk factors that could be increased by physical activity. Information needs to be obtained not only to ensure the programme is safe for the client but also effective, so goals need to be identified. Gathering information is most quickly and easily done by questionnaire. Two most common examples are the PAR-Q and Lifestlye Questionnaire.

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) was developed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and is a widely recognised written screening form suitable for clients aged 15-69. This form can be amended to suit your insurance policy. For example most UK policies allow a qualified instrictor to use this form with clients from 15-79 years. Click below for a pdf of the PAR-Q.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

The Lifestyle Questionnaire is designed to gather information about exercise history, aims and goals,preferences etc to enable an effective programme to be designed with the specific client in mind. Click below for a pdf of the questionnaire.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Any physical activity carries some potential risk and participants need to have full knowledge and understanding of the programme and to participate voluntarily. A written Informed Consent Form demonstrates this acceptance of the risks and can also be used to state the Terms and Conditions of your classes. Click below for a pdf of the Informed Consent Form.

Informed Consent Form

Should a client answer Yes to any question on the PAR_Q they should be referred to their medical professional for further guidance. An example of a Standard Referral Letter is below.

Standard Referral Letter

Other written forms you may wish to complete include a Postural Analysis Form. Click below for a pdf of this form.

Postural Analysis Form