Instructor of the Month

Introducing Sabine Fischer, owner of SantisPilates


Sabine is originally from Switzerland but has been living in London since 2000. 

Originally trained in Modern Dance, Sabine has worked many years in the advertising industry until she decided to train with the Pilates Instiute in London to become a Pilates instructor.

Sabine discovered Pilates 10 years ago at her local gym and loved it straight away as it reminded her of her dance training. “I did Pilates in my youth without knowing it. I always loved moving my body with precision and control.”

Since 2007 she has been teaching Pilates matwork in Hampstead/West Hampstead under the name SäntisPilates. As a mum of two girls she knows the lifestyle of busy mothers only too well.

Q&A Session:

How would you describe your style of teaching?

My style is certainly not hardcore; I focus on technique and always try to put together a flowing programme. In a group class I love it when the energy bounces off between the group and me. I want people to enjoy the movements, to appreciate their body and its abilities and to find that connection between mind & body. I also like to give them a challenge and to see their amazement when they can do it is priceless.

What is your client base like?

My client base is very mixed ranging from the elderly to teenage girls. 7 years ago I started with two groups of mums in the same situation as myself. I offered Pilates classes in the mornings so the mums could drop off their children at school first before coming to Pilates. These classes are still going strong, but I have expanded my clientele since to ‘Pilates for Bone Health’ aiming at older ladies, a ‘Pilates for Back Care’ class and a ‘Pilates for Girls’ class (11 -14 years old). I also teach at the local tennis club where the groups are quite mixed, age, gender and ability wise.

I’m always on the look out for new ideas for my classes, but have also realised that people are equally happy with routine and not always want new variations of the Pilates moves. Besides my group class schedule I also offer private sessions at a health centre where I see people with all sorts of issues; mainly back pain, knee problems, hypermobility etc. 

After your Level 3 training what other training have you done?

I have attended a variety of workshops throughout the years but the additional qualifications worth mentioning are: Pilates for Bone Health, Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction for Children, Level 4 for Back Care with JPilates.

To keep my classes fresh and up-to-date it is always great to meet other Pilates instructors at workshops and courses to exchange not only ideas but also experience and advice.

What are you planning for the next 12 months?

2014 will be the year of the Pilates Equipment for me. I have signed up for the Pilates Master Certificate with JPilates and can’t wait to get on the Reformer! I’m curious to find out how the training on the equipment will change my understanding of the Pilates technique and influence my mat teaching skills. My plan is to offer private sessions on the equipment at the health centre later this year.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Pilates instructor?

I find it immensely rewarding to see how people's bodies are improving and to play a part in people's  wellbeing, no matter what their age or ability. As a Pilates instructor there is always more to know and learn. I love to find the right exercises for my private clients in order to help them with their problems and then hearing from the client that it works and that they have made progress or have been pain free. Also, it is great to be my own boss and schedule my working hours around my family

If you could give one piece of advice to a new instructor what would it be?

Getting a Pilates teacher certificate is only the start of a never-ending journey. Every client and every class offers a new challenge. Believe in yourself and stay positive!