Like the workshops, our courses have been designed with the qualified instructor in mind, providing further skills and knowledge that will enable you to progress your clients further.

Throughout each course we analyse instructor demonstration, cueing and provide feedback to ensure a consistent high standard of teaching is achieved.

Course locations will be available soon.

10th – 12th February                     Level 3 Pre & Post Natal 
This course is designed for those instructors who wish to attain a recognised qualification as a specialist instructor who can address the needs of ante and post natal clients.
During this 3 day training, you will develop an understanding of the anatomical and physiological changes that take place during and after pregnancy and learn how to use your specialist knowledge to plan and design effective programmes.


This course carries 20 CPD points
Assessment is in the form of written worksheets and case study.

Reformer Collection
3rd-4th March                                          Essential Reformer
21st-22nd April                                   Progressive Reformer
The Reformer is one of the most recognisable pieces of equipment from the Pilates collection, and holds an excellent reputation for producing results.
One of the many advantages is the fact its raised above ground level, therefore providing the instructor with an excellent vantage point to observe and correct align-ment/technique. Consisting of a series of springs, straps, pulley’s and a gliding platform, the machine offers a versatile, impact free workout that enables the client to perform resistance exercises whilst lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing.


Essential Reformer explores the fundamental movements from the repertoire, introducing exercises which enhance to guiding principles of the Pilates technique and alignment. You will build on existing knowledge of the matwork repertoire and understand how to deliver both group and individual session on the Reformer.
Assessment is in the form of a theoretical case study to be completed in between modules.
Progressive Reformer completes the Reformer repertoire whilst further developing knowledge gained from Essential Reformer. This will enable you to deliver the more advanced movements to challenge clients further and develop a greater range of levels and modifications.

Practical Assessments will take place on the final day

6th-7th October                                Cadillac Collection 
Joseph Pilates’ work with the ill, injured and sick has been well documented, and when looking at the Cadillac it is clear its inspiration came from a
hospital bed. The Cadillac is a remarkable piece of apparatus which lends itself well to rehabilitation work. The Cadillac allows movements to be performed supine, side-lying, prone and standing, facing all directions and even hanging!


Over the 2 days of training the Cadillac repertoire will be fully explored, with an emphasis placed on exercise prescription. You will build on previous learning and further enhance teaching skills, such as observation and correction and visualisation.Assessment is in the form of a written session plan based on a theoretical case study.


3rd-4th November                      Small Equipment Collection
This course will explore the use of dynaband, isotoner, mini ball, stability ball and foam roller in providing challenge or assistance in the matwork repertoire. The course will specifically focus on lumbo-pelvic stabilisation, spinal articulation and scapula-thoracic stabilisation.


Assessment is in the form of a written session plan