JPilates Convention 2019

Be Fearless. Just Move.

Saturday 29th June 2019

Reverse In Repertoire Mat The with Joanne Cobbe

Let’s go back…’s the Mat Repertoire in Reverse! What way to start this year’s Convention- this is going to be fun!

The Art Of Squatting with Mark Leyland

The squat is seen as the ultimate exercise for functional strength and hip, knee and ankle health.

But is there a perfect way to squat? What are the rules and how do we help someone improve their squat? This session will  explore squat technique including squat preps and how to further your squat.

Primal Movements & Pilates with Joanne Cobbe

Primal movements are basic, natural movements that historically our ancestors used to explore and observe our environment. In our first few years of life we develop these excellent whole body movement skills, such as squatting, crawling, rolling, and then we ruin it all by sitting for hours at school and later at work! This session will show how can we incorporate these fundamental movement patterns into our Pilates sessions to make sure we can crawl before we run!

And Breathe…. with Kate Loeffen

“Circulation to oxygenation, absorb and feed every fibres and tissue of your body” Joe Pilates

The most fundamental intention of Joe Pilates’ Method is to help us Return to Life through correct breathing-to absorb & circulate oxygen, bringing life back to our vital organs and our bodies. Through exploration of different breathing strategies, percussive, deep, mindful, this session will give you many ideas of how to address issues such as shallow or restricted breathing and encourage clients fully  Return to Life.

How To Write The Perfect Instagram Post with Gemma Folkard

Love it or hate it Instagram is a great way to connect and engage with your clients and build your brand. This session will discuss how to write the perfect post- should you post a story or in your feed, how many hashtags you should use, should you use emojis, why use capital letters and what are those 3 dots??!

Does Size Matter? with Joanne Cobbe

A question often asked is how to do you cue a larger client? Are there any exercises that are not suitable? This session will look at the considerations we may or may not need to take into account.

Take It Easy Hips! Let It Go! with Joanne Cobbe

The most common complaint we hear from our clients is “my hip flexors are too tight!”. Certain exercises feel impossible to do well due to restrictions at the hips, like the roll up and teaser. Clients can feel like their legs are so heavy and lifting legs into the 100 position is exhausting in itself! This session will explore how we can help restore correct movement around the hips so those pesky hip flexors can just let go!

*Programme is subject to change, JPilates reserves the right to change any of the contents without prior notice.