JPilates Convention 2018

Breathe. Move. Live.

Saturday 30th June 2018

The 34 with Joanne Cobbe

The ultimate Pilates class to kickstart our Convention. Pure and simple genius!

The Anti-Sitting Class with Joanne Cobbe

"Sitting has become the smoking of our generation" -Nilofer Merchant

The majority of our clients are sitting for on average 12 hours a day, holding fixed positions which are responsible for  the most common postural problems we see . This session will explore the specific areas to target and the most effective exercises to include to help neutralise the negative effects of this static, sedentary but often unavoidable part of our life.

The Foot Foundation with Kate Loeffen

The foot and ankle are the key to functional movement health but in mat classes it can be difficult to target this crucial area of the body as most of the exercises are performed lying or seated rather than standing. This session highlights cueing and movement focus to ensure alignment, strength and mobility of the foot and ankle are integral parts of our Mat classes.

Are you a Contrologist? with Joanne Cobbe

Joe Pilates called his technique Contrology- or The Art of Control. In his writings Joe Pilates highlights several elements of Contrology with the actual exercises only being one part. Here we will discuss the other elements and how we can strive to further honour Controlgy as a complete system rather than just an exercise class.

Recover and Release with Kate Loeffen

In our frantic, highly charged lifestyles Pilates classes can offer a welcome chance to recover our equilibrium and release unnecessary tension. More and more people are searching for a class which allows them to refresh and recharge. This session will enhance our sense of well-being and unlock movement potential.

The Towel- Simple yet Mighty! with Joanne Cobbe

The towel is such a simple prop to use to help support the head and seated alignment but it can be so much more. This session will show you how to use this incredibily versatile piece of equipment to generate feedback and help clients with rotational issues, those with scoliosis, sacroiliac joint misalignment and muscular imbalances.

The Wrist Clinic with Joanne Cobbe

So often clients complain of an inability to weight bear through the wrists in exercises such as the Leg Pull and Side Bend. This clinic will explore exercises and specific cues that will encourage strength and correct positioning to help your clients.

Secret Bonus Class

You will also receive a secret bonus class to accompany the mystery piece of equipment in the goodie bag!



*Programme is subject to change, JPilates reserves the right to change any of the contents without prior notice.