JPilates Convention 2017

Pilates- Inspiration & Innovation

Saturday 1st July 2017

Sunday 2nd July 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017

Slave to the Rhythm! with Joanne Cobbe

Begin the day with this invigorating class. Beautifully choreographed Pilates sequences set to music, using seamless transitions to ensure flow and a deeper sense of joy in our movement.

The Cat Clinic with Joanne Cobbe

The superior creation of the Almighty is the Cat. It does everything the best.” Joe Pilates

Joe Pilates reportedly loved watching the way cats moved and we all love how a Cat Stretch makes our spine feel. This session will explore how we can use the Cat to analyse, evaluate and enhance spinal and hip movement. We will also discover new variations of the Cat to further challenge and bring fluidity to your clients’ movement.

Glide & Slide with Kate Loeffen

Add a new dimension to your Pilates sessions with this versatile piece of small equipment. Gliders challenge balance and proprioception, increase strength and flexibility and add spiralling, functional movement elements to traditional Pilates exercises.

Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery with Joanne Cobbe

Pilates can be an incredible tool to help breast cancer survivors regain their sense of wellbeing and enhance recovery after surgery, treatment and reconstruction. This session will address the various considerations an modifications needed to help your client on their pathway to recovery.

The Studio Equipment-less Mat with Kate Loeffen

The Reformer and other pieces of Pilates apparatus are used to add external resistance to our Pilates repertoire to enhance stability and quality of movement. In this session we will explore the Studio Equipment exercises but learn how to apply your own internal resistance and resilience to really deepen your Pilates practice and achieve the ultimate goal to the Pilates Method.

Pure Mobility 2017- A Heavenly Ending

A wonderful session to conclude the day, wonderfully balancing mobility, flexibility, breath and flow. A well deserved reward after all your hard work.

Sunday 2nd July 2017 with Joanne Cobbe

Smooth Tempo Reformer

Your Reformer will sing as you move through these beautiful choreographed Reformer exercises with smooth transitions set to music. A fantastic way to start the day!

Reformer and the Barrel- The Perfect Partnership

By adding a step barrel to the Reformer, we will explore the full range of your spinal movements enhanced by the barrel and further challenged by the moving platform and resistance of the Reformer. 

Break It Down and Build It Up! 

This session is devoted to the advanced Reformer repertoire. We will take exercises such a High Bridge, Snake and Twist and explore how to break them down and then gradually build them up so that you feel confident in teaching them your classes.

The Psoas Connection

The Psoas is the key to your Powerhouse and here we delve into how to unlock your movement potential by cueing this amazing connection to fully access your deep strength and true spinal articulation.

Pilates for Bone Health

Many clients need to build, maintain and improve their bone health and the Reformer provides the perfect tool to do so. This session explores how to safely prescribe an effective bone health programme, ensuring your classes are osteoporosis safe.

Pure Reformer Mobility 2017- A Heavenly Ending!

End the day with this well deserved reward of a heavenly balance of mobility and stretch on the Reformer.

*Programme is subject to change, JPilates reserves the right to change any of the contents without prior notice.