JPilates Convention 2016

The Past. The Present. The Future.

Saturday 25th June 2016

Sunday 26th June 2016


Saturday 25th June 2016

The Mat Repertoire- Beyond 1945 with Joanne Cobbe

Joe Pilates stated "The benefits of Contrology depend solely upon your performing the exercises according to the instructions-and not otherwise-"

These exercise instructions were originally published in 1945 in Return to Life Through Contrology and Joe Pilates continued teaching for another 20 years after. Rare footage from the 1940s shows slight variations on the exercises and this session gives you the opportunity to not only perform the repertoire, enjoying the fluidity and flow of the original sequence but also to experience the little known and rarely taught variations.

Joseph Pilates. A Life to the Core  with Eva Rincke

Focused, determined and full of passion for the body, Joseph Pilates was an extraordinary man and his enthusiasm for his Method is still contagious to this day.

Join Eva for a journey through time from his difficult childhood in Mönchengladbach to the productive years in his original studio on 8th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. You will explore the roots of his Method in German Body Culture, his internment on the Isle of Man, his boxing gym in Gelsenkirchen, his first patents, his emigration to the United States and the most exciting aspects of his work in the US.

When exploring the life of Joe Pilates it is difficult to distinguish facts from fiction, truth from legend. Eva will show rare samples of sources found during her research which are the basis of her biography of Joseph Pilates. 

Beyond the Anatomical Model of Muscles with Mark Leyland

This seminar will look into the 3 dimensional nature of muscle and human function. The basic anatomy that we are taught is based around cadavers in a horizontal position and only looks at one part of muscle function. The reality is far more complex and will change the way we look at muscles in particular Quadratus Lumborum and the Adductors. We will further explore how we look at muscle strength and mobility and how that links to dysfunction.

Spirals and Spins with Joanne Cobbe

The ability to twist, spin, spiral, turn, circle and rotate is absolutely essential in creating and maintaining our mobility and health. Movement is rooted in circles, spirals and rotations. This session adds spirals and twists to our Mat exercises transforming the two dimensional exercises into functional 3 dimensional movements enhanced with fluidity and flow.

JPilates Barre- Ballet Inspired, Pilates Focused with Kate Loeffen

Inspired by ballet barre exercises and infused with the strength, mobility and control of Pilates. This session is the latest choreographed JPilates Barre class to add to your library.

Even if you do not teach Barre, you will gain some fantastic ideas and variations adding the extra dimension of Standing work to your Pilates classes.

The Pilates Pole with Joanne Cobbe

The Pilates Pole (or simply the broom handle!) is such an amazingly simple prop to add challenge, variety and a wealth of new moves to your existing repertoire. Feel profound changes in your movement as the Pole helps to enhance natural alignment and centre connection taking your practise and technique to a new level.

And For Desert.....! Take one last deep breath in and.......release! with Joanne Cobbe

This final session incorporates fluid movement and releases in all planes of movement, giving you some fresh ideas for closing sessions. A heavenly end to the perfect Pilates day!

Sunday 26th June 2016

Partner up! with Joanne Cobbe

Kicking off the second day is this partner-based Reformer session. Challenging but incredibly fun, this session highlights balance, control, tempo and team work as you work on one Reformer with your partner.

An Order of Reformer Repertoire with Joanne Cobbe & Kate Loeffen

The order of the Matwork Repertoire is clearly documented for us in Return to Life Through Contrology but what of the original order of the Reformer exercises? Despite how much Joe Pilates loved to record and photograph his work, it is surprisingly hard to actually discover the specific order of the exercises that he would no doubt have wished us to follow. This masterclass will run through a widely accepted order of the whole repertoire (yes, it can be done in an hour!) and you are welcome to come along for the ride or take notes and enjoy watching!

Pilates Equipment Flow with Joanne Cobbe

Sometimes when working on the Equipment, the guiding principle of Flow can seem elusive. The changing of springs and bars can seem clunky and disruptive and it is easy to lose the dynamic fluidity of the movements. This session focuses on transitions and exercise choices to ensure that your sessions naturally and seamlessly flow from start to finish.

JPilates Reformer Barre- the Perfect Fusion! with Kate Loeffen

This session combines the amazing JPilates Barre work, the resistance and unique movement of the Reformer and the cardio workout of the Jump Board. The perfect fusion of these will give you challenging, fun and creative ideas to add to your classes.

Barrels & Balls with Kate Loeffen

The Arc Barrel is an exceptional piece of equipment. It has the potential of enabling the body to work through every range of motion whilst providing exceptional opportunities of working in spinal extension both actively and passively. Then add in weighted balls and you have the perfect mix of strength with mobility!

Piecing Together the Pilates Jigsaw with Joanne Cobbe

The Essential Studio Equipment exercises were created to support the Mat repertoire, to build and enhance technique before the more advanced Reformer and Equipment exercises challenge and progress you beyond the Mat. Understanding the connection of the Mat to the Equipment exercises allows us to choose for our clients the correct piece of equipment to stretch, mobilise or strengthen them allowing them to better perform the Mat. The session helps you to understand the interlocking pieces of the whole system and how to use it to best to assist your clients.



*Programme is subject to change, JPilates reserves the right to change any of the contents without prior notice.