JPilates Convention 2015

Inspire. Evolve. Respect.

Saturday 27th June 2015

Sunday 28th June 2015



Saturday 27th June 2015

The 34 Moves-with Joanne Cobbe

Joe Pilates stated "The benefits of Contrology depend solely upon your performing the exercises according to the instructions-and not otherwise-"

The 34 moves outlined in "Return to Life" were developed as a sequence to create fluidity and flow of movement. This opening session gives you the chance to perform the full repertoire and transitions. Experience and enjoy the "complete coordination of body, mind and spirit" as Joseph Pilates meant it to be taught.

Cueing through the Magical Stuff-Fascia!-with Adrian Bell

Over the last few years fascia has become a “buzz” word and with so much ongoing research, new theories appearing and old concepts being questioned, it is an exciting subject for the Pilates instructor. It can provide us with an excellent way of seeing, moving and cueing the whole body, allowing full alignment integration which creates fluidity and effortless flow in our movements. This session promises to provide you with cues and visualisations based on the concept of fascia which will compliment and enhance your teaching.

Spine in Motion- Coupling-with Mark Leyland

We often think of spinal movements as separate actions, flexion, extension, rotation but have you ever heard of rotexion? Depending on the area of the spine, movements occur simultaneously, so we will naturally rotate and flex. We can greatly enhance movement and improve mobility by promoting and teaching these coupling motions of the spine. Integrating coupling motions into Pilates exercises can be hugely beneficial when working with clients with conditions such a Scoliosis and other spinal alignment issues as well adding further variety and challenge to our exercises. This session will fully explain and practically explore the concept of coupling motions and Pilates.

Un-bend- Keep your Back in Balance-with Joanne Cobbe 

“ If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old:if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” Joe Pilates

So many of our clients struggle to correctly extend, to get the whole spine to actively and equally participate in extension exercises. With the majority of the Mat Repertoire focusing on flexion, this session will provide you with many adaptations to add extension to the moves, giving opportunities to stretch and lengthen through the front of the body and practise sequential and segmental spinal extension. 

Just Breathe!-with Adrian Bell

“Breathing is the first act of life, and the last….above all, learn how to breathe correctly” Joe Pilates

Breathing is one of the founding principles of Pilates and there are so many different thoughts on how breath should be taught. Regardless of the technique, the use of breath can hugely increase mobility and promote enhanced strength and control. Joe Pilates gave us rules on breathing but sometimes rules are made to be broken! This masterclass will demonstrate and develop how using breath can re-train and re-programmme our movement with amazing results. Now breathe!

Sports Injury Clinic-with Mark Leyland

So many of our clients attend Pilates in order to aid recovery from and to manage specific sports injuries. This practical seminar will cover various injuries associated with running, swimming and tennis, focusing on a range of exercises which can be easily integrated into your Pilates sessions to help with injuries from Achilles tendon to tennis elbow to shoulder impingement. 

Bring on The Band!-with Joanne Cobbe

The most well known and loved piece of Pilates equipment! We all love the band for it’s compactability, price and versatility. The resistance of the band can be used to replicate the spring tension of the Studio equipment to deepen and evolve your Pilates classes but this masterclass is not your usual run-of-the-mill band class! This session promises to give you many new variations and creative ways to use the band to add spice and rejuvenate your Mat Repertoire. Bring on the Band!

Sunday 28th June 2015

The Reformer-Twist & Turn- with Adrian Bell

Spinal rotation is the key to improving flexion and extension as it strengthens and stretches the whole torso creating increased mobility in all planes of movement and greater awareness of the deep spinal musculature for support and stabilisation. This Reformer masterclass will focus on rotational work and you will feel the increased mobility and strength through the whole body as you twist and turn!

Reformer & Barrels- Pure Mobility-with Joanne Cobbe

"Contrology was developed to limber and stretch muscles so that you will be as supple as a cat” Joe Pilates

One of the largest barriers to achieving fluidity and flow in Pilates movements is a lack of mobility. These days many of our clients spend the majority of their waking hours sitting, holding fixed postures which severely impact on their mobility contributing to many injuries and pains. This masterclass using the Reformer and Barrel will give you ideas on how to get the shoulders, hips and spine moving with unrestricted freedom so clients can fully reap the benefits of the Method which "restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”.

Sports Specific Studio Clinic-with Adrian Bell

The Studio Equipment are incredible tools in any Pilates session, especially for those who attend for Sports specific reasons. Training on the Equipment brings added challenge with closed kinetic chain movement opportunities, increased stability or instability options, alterations in movement patterning and improved performance training. This session will explore how the Equipment can transform your client’s session to maximise their potential and up their game!

Studio Circuits-The 5s-with Joanne Cobbe

Get ready to work and be inspired by two studio circuits created around a simple but incredibly effective concept. You will understand how to plan and teach a class where each client is executing different moves and working at varying levels without losing attention to detail or technique.

The Barrel- Extension Heaven-with Adrian Bell

The Barrels are exceptional pieces of equipment. They have the potential of enabling the body to work through every range of motion whilst providing exceptional opportunities of working in spinal extension both actively and passively. This masterclass will enhance back extensor strengthening work and provide passive relaxation in spinal extension positions. 

Studio Equipment- Correction Clinic-with Joanne Cobbe

Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé and often called the “Queen of Pilates”, believes that the fundamental requirements to being an excellent instructor are not just high quality training, experience and in-depth knowledge but also intuition and intuitiveness, “You just do the work. You do what you think is good for the person. You have developed your eyesight; you’ve developed your own presence, how to push somebody, how to talk to them. I learned it all from Mr. Pilates, and I also have a natural knowledge of the body.” 

Essential to the precision and perfect execution of the exercises is the teacher's ability to effectively observe and correct. In this session we will look at addressing the common issues we observe in many of the Pilates exercises and how the Studio Equipment allows us the perfect opportunities to  improve our client's movement and ability to perform the exercises.


*Programme is subject to change, JPilates reserves the right to change any of the contents without prior notice.