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Virtual Night Out Recordings

To help enhance and develop our knowledge and understanding of various conditions, injuries and issues, each month we will discuss and explore a different client case study or subject of interest. We will look at the symptoms and signs of the condition or issue, the Pilates exercise implications and any other areas of interest. We discuss it on the Virtual Night Out and the discussion will be recorded. Please feel free to request the case study recording and suggest any specific conditions or themes you would like to explore by contacting

Case Study One- Diastasis Recti

Case Study Two-Microdiscectomy Spine Surgery

Teaching the Beginner- In the first session with a client, what should we tell them and what movements should we do?

The Psoas- Is it really the muscle of the soul? Does it hold more importance than any other muscle in the body?

Hyper mobility Syndrome- There are so many different aspects to consider with this condition not such a very bendy client!

The Sacroiliac Joints- Here we discuss the anatomy and function of the SIJ. We explore how to spot dysfunction and ways of addressing it.

Pathways to Posture- One of the main benefits of practising Pilates is improved posture but what is posture? What are the main imbalances and restrictions we see in our clients and how can we target these in our classes

Understanding Joe's Order  in Return to Life Part 1 & 2- Why is the order in Return to Life Through Contrology important and what are the original intentions behind it?

Demystifying the Pelvic Floor- Here we discuss the function and anatomy of the Pelvic Floor and how, why and what we should cue for our client's movement.

The Shoulders- Listen & look back as we go in-depth with the muscles and bones of the shoulder girdle and how it is designed to move during basic movements and Pilates exercises. 

Does Fascia matter in Pilates?-Fascia is fascinating but does it really matter in Pilates? Can we really change fascia though manual therapy using balls, rollers and so on? Watch back as we explore the scientific research surrounding fascia.

 Pilates & Osteoporosis- Listen back to this webinar as we discuss the differences between osteopenia and osteoporosis and how we can help to enhance bone health in our Pilates classes. Plus we answer the burning question- should we teach loaded forward flexion?