Cadillac Collection

Hang on Cadl.jpg

Joseph Pilates’ work with the ill, injured and sick has been well documented, and when looking at the Cadillac it is clear its inspiration came from a hospital bed. The Cadillac is a remarkable piece of apparatus which lends itself well to rehabilitation work. The Cadillac allows movements to be performed supine, side-lying, prone and standing, facing all directions and even hanging!

Over the 2 days of training the Cadillac repertoire will be fully explored, with an emphasis placed on exercise prescription. You will build on previous learning and further enhance teaching skills, such as observation and correction and visualisation.Assessment is in the form of a written session plan based on a theoretical case study.

Dates: 31st Aug-1st Sept 2019

Venue: Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost: £420 (incl VAT)

To register and for more information please contact or telephone 07812076919