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Book & DVD Reviews

With so many books, DVDs and articles on Pilates to choose from I thought I would help build or add to your library by each month reviewing a favourite DVD or book.


The Complete Book of Pilates for Men by Daniel Lyons Jnr

 I absolutely love this book! Although it is written for men, don't be misled, it is a real treasure, full of inspiring variations and  fresh cues. Click here to read more…


The Pilates Pamphlet: Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph Pilates and Fredrick Rand Rogers

This well-written, fun document is a little piece of Pilates history! Crammed with less known quotes about Joe and the Method as well as clearly stating what Pilates is and what it is not, it is a must-have item for your Pilates library! Click here to read more 


Pilates by Rael Isacowitz

This rather hefty book is promoted as "Your complete guide to mat and apparatus exercises" so I am hoping it is the Bible of Pilates exercises! Read more to find out if it lives up to the description...

Standing Pilates by Joan Breibart


I first heard of the Standing Pilates repertoire from Kathy Corey, it used to be an integral part of Mat classes in New York but has since been lost to the mainstream. Although this book does not feature the orginal sequence, it has many excellent adaptations to the Mat repertoire to really enhance your sessions and give effective variations for clients with conditions such as Osteoporosis. For the full review click here.

Pilates Style Magazine


Pilates Style magazine is the only magazine devoted to Pilates that I know ofother than online publications. I have subscribed to the magazine for 3 years and I thought I would review the latest edition for you all. Click here to read more..



The Pilates Body by Brooke Siler


This is the first Pilates book I bought and I still use it 15 years later. For me, this book should be on every Pilates instructor's book shelf. Click here to find out why.

A Movement of Movement

We are living in a historical movement, a phenomenon of human experience.  The movement is about us, it’s about today, and it’s about exploring our full potential, but what does that mean? That is what A Movement of Movement is.”

When this film was first being created and produced there was a definite excitement and buzz about it. Once launched everything went quiet, now I know why! Click here to read more..

1991 Workshop with Eve Gentry

Eve Gentry (1909-1994) was one of the original students and appears in many of the photos and archival footage we see. I could not wait to watch this DVD recorded in 1991 containing highlights of a two day workshop she ran. I was not disappointed as I was hooked within 2 minutes of watching when she describes a wonderful way of creating alignment! Please click here to read the review...

Here is a famous piece of archival footage of Eve being trained by Joe.