One year ago! Where are they now??


As the final assessments are completed for the Spring Matwork 2016 group, I was lucky enough to catch up with several of the 2015 Matwork graduates to discover how their Pilates classes, businesses and studios have been developing and flourishing.

Louisa Hughes-Freeman, The Pilates Studio New Forest.


One year on….I can’t believe it, time really does fly when you are having fun! Training to teach Pilates with Joanne Cobbe of JPilates was the best decision that I have ever made (apart from my children)!  I have a job that I absolutely love and have so many amazing clients.  It’s the perfect career for me, as I can work my classes around the children.  I set up my  own studio and am running 14 classes each week with 9-10 people in each class, but I have slotted them into my day to work around me. I’ve recently started teaching Barre Pilates (I also trained to do this with Jo) and I have put on 2 classes each week.  I love teaching Barre, it is a high intensity exercise done to music.  It’s really tough but you get results quickly and you have a lot of fun at the same time! My friends can see how happy my job makes me, so much so that one of them has recently signed up to train under Jo!  I would recommend this career to anyone thinking about training.

Amy Holmes,Saffron Pilates


Wow, one year on and so much has changed! When I started my training with Jo I knew I loved Pilates but I had no idea where it was going to take me.Since qualifying I have trained in barre, pre and post natal, essential and progressive reformer and can't wait for the convention. Just over a month ago I after a lot of umming and ahhing I quit my full time corporate job in wine to teach Pilates full time. I can't pretend there haven't been sleepless nights and I'm sure there will be more but it was definitely one of the best decisions I've made.  I am now teaching at 3 different studios as well as running my own classes in Saffron Walden and I love it. Who knows what will happen in the next year!

Emily Roberts, Emily Roberts Fitness


When I decided to do the Level 3 Pilates course with JPilates one year ago I had only taken part in a few Pilates classes and I was fairly naive to the many benefits that Pilates can offer you. During the course I learnt in depth about the original 34 Pilates exercises and how to move my body with more control. We learnt about our limitations and how to correct technique in minute detail. The biggest learning curve for me was how to achieve greater mobility through the spine. The knowledge given to us on the course was extremely fascinating and invaluable and I left the course feeling confident to teach Pilates. Over time I have slowly developed my own style and now, having set up three private classes with my own equipment and four classes within gyms I am at the point where I would like to further my training and keep growing as an instructor. I get a great deal of job satisfaction from teaching Pilates and I have also loved introducing my friends and family to it. It is my strong belief that it should be part of everyone's lifestyle to ensure a healthy mind and body.

Rose Green, Rose Green Pilates


I am self emloyed and alongside my office sustainability consulting work have for the last year been working in London 1) at a physiotherapy studio in Camden, 2) doing staff classes at the British Library, and 3) teaching corporate classes (regular and one off) with Stretching the City across central London. I have just moved to Wiltshire into an army barracks and will soon start teaching at the camp gym. There are 300 people living on camp, as well as all of the hundreds that work here (but don't live on site) and I have already had masses of people desperate for me to start teaching as soon as possible because they want to come to the classes! The Pre & Post Natal course I did with JPilates last year is about to come in VERY handy! In due course I will also contact studios in Salisbury and plan to start advertising for private classes at people's homes. I am still doing part time consulting work, so will fit the consulting and Pilates around each other.

Pilates has had a huge impact on my life - before qualifying and since. My own personal practice has kept me strong and able to do the other things I love doing (boxing, running, kitesurfing) and has helped me manage various injuries on a day to day basis. Teaching has been the most incredible experience - developing relationships with clients, being able to help them with such a range of different needs, seeing others enthuse about pilates when you mention you teach, seeing clients progress in their capabilities, strength, flexibility. And it has made my own practice so much better as I came to understand better what the exercises were trying to achieve. It's been such fun teaching a really wide range of people, from those with very specific and/or serious injuries they're recovering from at the physiotherapy clinic, to young and energetic professionals at a trendy tech company, to the hilarious and chatty regulars at the British Library.

Sue Giltrane, SG Fitness Chelmsford

I can't believe it's only been a year wow , I actually feel as if I've been teaching Pilates a lot longer ! I'm now running 3 fully subscribed Pilates classes a week in Writtle with a waiting list for the evening sessions.  My husband has built a small summer house in the garden of which I use for 1-1 or 2-1 private sessions. Pilates has helped me with every client I have,  1-1 personal training clients and also my boot camp clients as I incorporate Pilates who ever I teach. I have found teaching Pilates so rewarding as Pilates is for everyone , the injured , the old , the less mobile , the sports person etc. I have made people feel better with there aches and pains and have very happy clients with what results they are getting from Pilates.

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