Cover Class Etiquette!

I love this weather! As the days get warmer and we start thinking of sun, sand and sea, the dilemma of whether to keep our classes running or take a summer break arises. Many studios and instructors keep their classes running so there is always an increased need for cover instructors. Covering classes is a great way to broaden your experience by teaching different clients in new studios, to create new links with companies and instructors and to earn a little extra cash. But is there a code of conduct for covering classes? Here are a few ideas to make sure you always appear professional and avoid some of the pitfalls:

1. Be early- you will have time to chat to the group and break the ice. It also allows you time to screen for an injuries or conditions.

2. Do not criticise their instructor- a sure way to alienate the group, all clients love their instructor! Just explain that there are many variations of the Method and yours may be slightly different.

3. Do not give out your contact details-poaching clients is in bad taste!

4. Do not apologise- starting the session by apologising for not being their regular instructor can set you up as "second best" which you aren't.

5. Try not to be judgemental- avoid saying "what do you mean you don't do this?" or "have you never done this move?"..

6. Make time after the session to answer any questions.

If you can add to the list please let me know. Our Facebook forum is a great place to post or take up any cover class requests. To join the forum please request on the JPilates page.

Posted on May 20, 2014 and filed under Education & Training.