JPilates Spring Matwork 2013-Fast Forward 6 Months!

Last month I was able to catch up with some of the JPilates Spring 2013 Matwork graduates to see how their Pilates careers were going. It was so fantastic to hear how successful they all are, teaching in health clubs or studios and developing their own Pilates businesses. Here is what they had to say about their journey so far:



Emma Sanders-Lichfield Pilates

As soon as I completed my Level 3 training I thought it best to get out there and get as much experience as I could and so I spent the summer covering lots of classes at various venues and loved it. I have now set up 4 of my own classes with 3 more coming in the next week or two. I teach  at a Pilates and Yoga Studio and a Health Club and I  am about to start  working for my local council as a Fall Prevention Exercise Officer which will give me lots of experience of different people's needs. I  also offer private sessions to clients at a Physiotherapy Clinic in Birmingham City centre.

Following my Level 3 training, I completed my Pre and Post Natal training with Jo which was fantastic and am now in the process of setting up my own Pregnancy Pilates class. I have been invited to attend an Open Day at my local Midwife lead Maternity Unit and to present to all the local expectant ladies.  Jo has convinced me to give them a little class and get them moving in their chairs – only Jo could give you the confidence to go for it!

When I agreed to do the course, as anyone on the course will agree, I was not going to do any of the above but you leave the training feeling so confident in your own ability and so desperate to share your knowledge and be the best Pilates instructor you can, you just have to go for it!

Jonathan Leffman- Freelance Instructor

Since qualifying I have been teaching at the Chickenshed Performing Arts Centre, where the dancers I train have boosted my confidence with their positive feedback.  By writing to and cold calling various health clubs - I was asked in for a trial with Virgin Active.  The test was to take a class of 20 people (who had had the same instructor for 8 years) as well as the club manager.  I made a CD and delivered a class the JPilates way.  Now I have two permanent classes of my own at the club - both at full capacity. I have received applause, smiles and thank yous and have even been asked next week to cover a class by an instructor I have never met at the request of her pupils.  Job satisfaction I think you'll agree!

Next up I am starting my own Saturday morning class in my neighbourhood.

Getting the best training was not just luck, I knew from the moment I met Jo she was going make learning fun and give me the encouragement and support I needed.

Louise Gapp- The Pilates Practice Cornwall

Since I qualified I've set up my own business called The Pilates Practice Cornwall. I love being my own boss and fitting my work around my children, it's given me a new lease of life.

I teach 3 classes a week and have introduced many local people and friends to the wonderful world of Pilates. At first it was a little daunting, thoughts of would people attend? Why didn't they come back? went through my head on many occasions, but I do have a regular client base who seem to love it.

I've learnt so much in my 6 months since my qualification and I start 2 classes in addition to my own classes in a studio next week. I'm presently taking the Level 3 Pre and Post Natal qualification with JPilates and I hope to do the Level 4 back Care Specialist soon.

On a personal note, after doing so much sport I had become so inflexible, I can now very proudly say I can put my head of my knees in a sit down hamstring stretch, something I would never have dreamed of being able to do! I am delighted I've chosen this new career path, I can finally say "I love my job!"

Jasmine Audet - Freelance Pilates Instructor

I enjoyed the practise and benefits of Pilates (and yoga) for some time. A friend had recently left her office job and was having major success with teaching Pilates, after being trained by Joanne Cobbe. I was eager to move towards a more natural, rewarding, caring and healthy job approach, by myself becoming a qualified instructor.

Attending the JPilates Matwork qualification was one of the best decisions I have made. It brought an amazing group of individuals together to share in the abundant information and care given to each of us to enable us to all succeed at becoming confident, charismatic and knowledgeable instructors.

My Matwork group were so nervous and none of us could imagine where we would all be in only 6 months time! We are a great support to one another, and recently 2 of my fellow instructors covered my classes whilst I have been on holiday, home to Australia.

As soon as I qualified I was offered 1 class a week at a gym in London, teaching a mixed class. This has now become 2 classes a week at this gym. I was also given the opportunity to teach 1 class a week at the gym at my work, where I work in an office full time. This has also given me the opportunity to pick up a couple of 121 clients. Let’s say my weeks are pretty busy, but I love it.

Next steps for me and my new love is to start my own classes in a venue near my home or work, gaining a client base of my own. Next year I intend to do The JPilates Pre and Post Natal course as well as attend the JPilates Convention, and who knows what else this may bring!

For now, I am loving Pilates and life, thanks to JPilates and the group I learnt with. The rewards of working with people, helping them to improve their lives, strength and posture, by practising Pilates in a safe and fun environment are incredible!

Jessica Andrews-Freelance Instructor

Pilates has been a passion since having my children. I wanted to further my knowledge and also turn it into an opportunity to earn some money whilst my children were little. I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 3 Matwork course and as well as learning more about a subject I am interested in, I met some wonderful people and of course the amazing Jo!! The course has been fantastic for building my self esteem and confidence. Since qualifying I have been teaching three lessons a week. I run classes for my teacher colleagues after school and I also run a class at Sedlescombe Golf Club in East Sussex. I have been asked to do more classes but I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the 3 classes a week.

Rachel Newson- Freelance Instructor

After some deliberation I decided to take the Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates course with the intention of furthering my knowledge for my own purposes but also to open a door for diversifying my income. I was fortunate to nab one of the 2 last remaining spots on Jo's September enrolment and have not looked back! I'm particularly thankful for having such a wonderful group of people to train with, all of whom I am still in contact with now, allowing us to share successes, difficulties and new discoveries.

My plan all along was to combine two passions, rock climbing and Pilates and thanks to a supportive Arch Climbing Wall this has been possible! I have been running a regular class here ever since qualifying and have a dedicated group of regulars who really seem to love it and importantly benefit from it. I've also recently been asked by a fellow JPilates Graduate to cover her classes whilst she's away and thanks to a connection through a friend, I have yet more cover lined up with (fingers crossed!) the potential for more of my own work in the new year.

I cannot recommend the Level 3 Matwork Pilates course enough. I've also taken the Studio in a Bag workshop, which has really allowed me to be creative with small equipment in class, which my clients love. Thanks to my peers (friends!) and Jo for a wonderful experience!

Lela Moutsakis- Freelance Instructor

I discovered Pilates whilst studying Acting & Theatre at degree level. I immediately realised just why it had become such an appealing exercise phenomena everywhere and after several years of practice I decided to embark on a new & rewarding career path as a Pilates instructor. During my Level 3 Matwork Diploma from JPilates, I  gained a solid grounding in Pilates technique whilst developing my own style of teaching. Influenced by my earlier background in dance, I hold a strong emphasis on flow, precision and good posture.

I mainly work on a freelance basis teaching both private and group sessions in a variety of environments from Spas and yoga studiosto leisure centres. Ihave also just recently launched  mat classes at my unique warehouse space and hope to keep building clients through this.

My passionate belief that great health comes from a moving body inspires me in continuing to learn and progress, with the intention of also adding Reformer Pilates and even Yoga to my 'wellbeing' repertoire in the near future!

I am so pleased to say that once again all our graduates are working in the Pilates industry. When deciding to embark on a new career path it is always important to consider the employment prospects once you have qualified and one of the most essential aspects of JPilates training is the continual support and encouragement given not only during your training but throughout your career in Pilates.

The next Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates begins in February 2014. For more information please click here.