Correction Clinic-Leg Pull Supine

The Leg Pull Supine is fantastic move which focuses on the co-contraction of the trunk extensors and flexors. It is a move which not only strengthens the arms, shoulders, back and hip extensors but also requires an equal level of flexibility of the shoulder and hip flexors. Although this is a great move to provide balance in Pilates sessions, many students find it incredibly challenging. This may be due to tight pectorals and hip flexors limiting their ability to reach the correct alignment and improving the flexibility of these muscles needs to be addressed. More often though it is a lack of glut activation and an inability to correctly extend and flex at the hip which causes the difficulties. The client will articulate through the vertebrae rather than hinge at the hip, lifting the spine as one unit. Glut amnesia is seen as a cause of low back pain as clients will overuse the spine rather than correctly extend the hip by activating the gluts. The video below highlights some cues to help improve the execution of the exercise as this move is an invaluable part of the repertoire and should not be left out. [youtube] On Pilates-The Next Step workshop we will be further enhancing your correction skills as we break down and analyse other  moves from the Matwork repertoire.

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Posted on February 13, 2013 and filed under Exercises and Techniques.