APPI Pilates Convention Feedback

Jo 2 (2)I absolutely love conventions! Last November I was invited to present at the APPI Pilates Convention 2012. This was the second year running I have presented at this event yet this time it had a slightly different slant. The theme of the convention was "One goal. One community" and this was certainly represented in the line up of presenters. Many different Pilates training companies and well-known instructors were invited, including Eric Franklin and Alan Herdman and the variety of sessions available was fantastic.Attending the APPI conventions is a mix of physiotherapists and other medical professionals and Pilates instructors and it is a challenge to find the correct balance for a wide range of needs and expectations. Some participants teach all levels of ability in both Matwork and Studio Equipment while others only use low intensity, highly modified Pilates Mat exercises in a one to one session. This year I presented Pilates In A Bag which is a shortened version of the Studio In A Bag workshop. The session was designed to show how small equipment can be used to replicate many of the Studio Equipment exercises and thankfully it was a success! Here is some of the fantastic feedback I received,

"Excellent presentation, lovely members, should have been longer" "A great session. So many new exercises to do when you don’t have a Reformer or Cadillac" "Really enjoyed this workshop. This and Alan Herdman’s were my fav. They could both have been longer." "At last, this is what a conference should be. Knowledge and practical." "Fab presenter and great demonstrations, now I still want to teach. Roll on rest of Sunday!" "Excellent, friendly and inspiring teaching. Lots of great new adaptations and ideas." "Really enjoyed this session. Loads of new ideas/exercises to take away."

So after the success of this event I can not wait for the first JPilates convention on the 20th July 2013! The day is going to be packed with inspiring,innovative sessions to enhance your knowledge and provide you with new ideas and teaching tips.There will be plenty of opportunities to network including drinks after.There are only 30 spaces available so watch this space for full details in February!

Posted on January 15, 2013 and filed under Education & Training.