The Best Job In The World!

Coach helping people with Pilates exercises.The decision to begin a new career as a Pilates Instructor can be very daunting and nerve-racking, like many others, a change in career is never taken lightly and we spend a lot of time contemplating whether this is the right option for us. But for me and lots of other instructors that I work with, it was the best career decision we have made. There are so many benefits to becoming a Pilates Instructor, for a start it is great to be your own boss! Being able to pick and choose your hours is fantastic and enables you to be very flexible when working around family and other commitments, allowing you to adapt your hours in order to fit in with your lifestyle.

But it is much more than that, teaching Pilates is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling job. When a client tells you that they no longer suffer after living with constant back pain for years and are now able to perform daily activities with much more mobility, endurance and strength, you know that you have contributed to enhancing their quality of life. Or when a client leaves your sessions with a greater sense of well-being, motivation and positivity or where you can observe that your classes provide essential social interaction for an elderly or post natal participant you know your work is done!

Pilates attracts such a wide range of clients, from pre natal to older clients, from those suffering with injuries to elite athletes, this means your work is never dull or boring but fantastically interesting and diverse. Every day our classes and clients present different challenges, each participant has varying needs and goals which we can help them achieve, ranging from postural imbalances to sports specific targets.

As Pilates instructors, we never stop learning. We learn from our clients, we learn from our peers and we are constantly updating our knowledge and evolving our practice. New research is published regularly providing inspiration and ideas to improve and provide greater depth to your teaching helping you to inspire others.

So if you have been considering taking that leap of faith, become a Pilates instructor it will be the best decision you ever make!

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Posted on January 2, 2013 and filed under Education & Training.