Barrels & Wunda Chair Collections


The Barrels are exceptional pieces of equipment. They have the potential of enabling the body to work through every range of motion whilst providing exceptional opportunities of working in spinal extension both actively and passively.  There are two types of barrel, the ladder barrel or high barrel and the spine corrector or step barrel which has other variations such as the arc barrel and baby arc.  The spine corrector enhances back extensor strengthening work and provides passive relaxation in spinal extension positions. During forward flexion abdominal exercises, the lumbar spine is supported by the barrel in a safe position.

Date: 6th October 2018

Venue:Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost:£210 (incl VAT)

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The Wunda Chair is thought to have been originally designed for a friend of Joseph Pilates who wanted a Reformer but did not have the space in his apartment. The Chair's unique and versatile design means that everyone can get amazing results from injured clients to pre natal women, from elite athletes to advanced students. You can sit, kneel, lie or stand on, in front of, sideways and behind the Chair, the variety of exercises are vast!



Date: 7th October 2018

Venue:Moss Pilates, London EC2A 2DF

Cost: £210 (incl VAT)


To register and for more information please contact or telephone 07812076919